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The secret measurements which were conducted by Russian physicist Andrey Volkov at Easter ceremony last year can throw light on this riddle.

“The device fixing a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation detected a strange long-wave impulse in the temple. This impulse has not been detected since then any more. There was some kind of electrical discharge. It is not known whether the lightning struck, or whether there were some technical problems with the equipment of a TV crew on the scene,” – Volkov describes his experiment.

It turned out that the first facts of the mysterious phenomenon were fixed more than one thousand years ago. Before the Descent of the Holy Fire some strange energy flows down the temple’s walls. However today they cannot be seen be because of numerous camera flashes.

Volkov is sure that these energy flows have nothing to do with the fire. He confirms his theory saying that within first minutes the ‘fire’ doesn’t bite. Low-temperature plasma has the same qualities.