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un libro che sembra interessante sul channeling

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Dr. Jon Klimo is widely considered to be the world's leading authority on channeling and author of the definitive work on the topic, Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, which has been translated into 8 different languages. Dr. Klimo has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brown University and a doctorate in psychology….

carino, chi trova qualcosa di buono me lo segnali..

Neurofeedback Analysis of Beloved's Channeling session December, 2003.


The baseline reading at the left end of the graph show Beloved’s Alpha waves at 10 micro volts and Theta at about 12 micro volts which are about average for an awake person.
Session Start – Theta increases to 20 micro volts while Beloved’s Alpha brainwaves soar to 35 micro volts. Here we see her in a very relaxed state, alert, energized and receiving imagery. In the case of channeling, the imagery manifests as messages from deep within. Consciously, Beloved is not speaking but the spirit is speaking through her yet her brain functions now as a conduit for the spirit. We assume that the increased micro voltage manifests as both Beloved’s relaxed state as well as the energy of the spirit speaking through her.

Archangel Michael Speaks – Theta increases to 25 micro volts as Alpha climbs to 46 micro volts. Beloved’s highly elevated brainwave energy is showing that the intense activity deep within her psyche, displayed as Theta waves, has increased. Likewise, the energy from Michael working through Beloved is displayed in the surge of Alpha brainwaves. (Her relaxed and joyous state, manifesting as elevated Alpha waves, are keeping her mind as on open channel allowing inner energy to come out to the physical world.)

Mother Mary Speaks – We all thought that the softness and gentleness of the Divine Feminine would manifest as a lowering of Beloved’s energy as Mother Mary spoke through her. To my surprise, as I watched my computer screen, Kim’s brain wave strength actually increased as Mother Mary began to relay messages through Kim. Alpha brainwaves peaked to 50 micro volts and Theta brainwaves to 30 micro volts, the highest surge of the session.
Mary Giving a Blessing – More profound readings came as Mother Mary called forward a woman from the small group of listeners for a special blessing. The woman came forward and as Beloved placed her hands on the woman’s head and whispered a blessing into her ear, Beloved’s brainwave energy dropped dramatically to half the values from before the blessing. This drop can be surmised to be a transference of energy from Beloved to the woman as Mother Mary blessed the woman and sent healing energy from Beloved into her.

Mother Mary Leaves, Questions & Answers – Conditions became somewhat placid after the blessing. When Mother Mary finished her message and left Beloved’s consciousness, other entities became available for a question and answer session. We see here Beloved’s energy increasing to higher levels reflecting their intensity.

Session results indicate a pronounced increase of Alpha and Theta brainwave energy during Beloved’s channeling session. The reason for the increased energy may be due to Beloved’s mental state of relaxation which points to the technique of channeling, i.e. deep relaxed presence of mind which allows energy from the psyche to manifest. As well as, the energy from the entities whose presence during the session, caused an increase of Beloved’s brainwave activity. Indications from this experiment show that to be a pathway for spiritual messages and/or beings, one need enter a sublime relaxed state, living in the present moment, with little to no mental activity.

Equipment Used: Brainmaster Neurofeedback unit, Brainmaster Level 2.0 Neurofeedback software, Dell Latitude Notebook PC