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Unreported by the French mainstream media, a special interdepartmental crisis committee which receives instructions from WHO has been operating in France since April under the pretext of managing the swine flu pandemic emergency.

This committee summons French Ministers to give them instructions on a day to day basis, and so bypasses parliament and other democratic institutions, creating a state of virtual martial law.

The French Health Minister Roseylne Bachelot recently floated the idea of moving the internal pandemic level from 6 b to 6 a, which would initiate fully fledged martial law.

Now the newspaper La Liberation maintains it has obtained an “ultra confidential” memo from a Sunday meeting of this secretive committee.

The memos details the progress and “errors” of the swine flu vaccination programme across the country, using the classification of “defence zones”, underlining the military character of the swine flu programme.


600 French Doctors Launch Petition Against Tamiflu Prescription

Voluminous Research Proves Vaccines are Deadly

Hundreds fall ill after having swine flu jab

By Clodagh Sheehy
Monday December 14 2009

Sanofi Recalls 800,000 Swine Flu Shots on Potency

articolo del 15 dicembre 2009

Se ho ben capito, non solo le aziende farmaceutiche, in collusione con l'OMS ed i nostri governi, hanno venduto un vaccino completamente inutile contro una pandemia inesistente, ma la stessa Sanofi riconosce che 800.000 dei suoi vaccini sono ancora meno che inutili.

Questa è la prova che ciò che conta, per la Big Pharma, è di piazzare valanghe di medicine al fine di massimizzare il loro profitto.

La Sanofi osa ammettere che coloro che sono stati inoculati con i loro vaccini “meno efficaci” non hanno bisogno di essere rivaccinati, allora perché tanta urgenza di vaccinarci tutti!?

79 People in Norway Lose Ability of
Taste and Smell After Swine Flu Vaccine

79 have lost their ability to taste or smell after taking the H1N1 swine flu vaccine in Norway.

With H1N1 poised to enter history as the least deadly of four global flu pandemics, some experts are calling for an end to Canada's mass vaccination program.

Nature is already achieving what we would hope to achieve by vaccinating, they say.

H1N1's “reproductive number” — the number of people each infected person passes the virus to — was above one when the epidemic began, which led to the explosive initial increase in cases.