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studio che ha confrontato la visione dell'aura di una sensitiva con le misurazioni sul corpo umano trovando precisa corrispondenza tra i colori visti e le frequenze misurate

Electronic Auric Field Study

In this study these energies were recorded contuously from the four subjects experimental Group II by a telemetry System during all ten Rolfing sessions. Simultaneously Rosalyn Bruyere, aura reader, recorded the color, size and energy movement of the chakras and auric clouds. Subjects recorded their spontaneous experience, Images and feeling states during each session. Eight chakra areas were instrumented based on the area of the body being Rolfed.

In concert with the aura readers description of color distinct wave forms were discovered for primary and secondary color s. These were recurring, non-symmetrical wave forms with definable characteristics. Blends and light colors produced a more irregular inconsistent pattern. Secondary colors contained the wave characteristics of two primary colors. Each wave form carried its unique sound. Displays and descriptions are contained in Chapter VI.