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Elevated levels of ferrimagnetic metals in foodchains supporting the Guam cluster of neurodegeneration: do metal nucleated crystal contaminants [corrected] evoke magnetic fields that initiate the progressive pathogenesis of neurodegeneration?

Elevated levels of aluminium (Al), strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) cations – combined with deficiencies of magnesium (Mg)/calcium (Ca) – have been observed in the foodchains that traditionally support the Chamorro populations affected by high incidence clusters of Alzheimer (AD), Parkinson-like (PD), motor neurone diseases and multiple sclerosis on the island of Guam…

sono stati osservati elevati livelli di alluminio,stronzio, bario e ferro e manganese combinati con carenza di magnesio/calcio nella catena d'alimentazione che supporta tradizionalmente le popolazioni Chamorro che soffrono di alta incidenza di Alzheimer, PArkinson, malattie moto-neuronali e sclerosi multipla nell'Isola di Guam..