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Chemtrail impact in California Chemtrail impact in California Do you want to know about the impact that chemtrails are having? I highly recommend this four part series about a part of California. Here is my quick summary.


1) Solar panel electricity output is down by 50-60 percent.

2) 48 rainwater tests showing aluminum content went from 7 parts per billion to 3450 parts per billion. An increase of 49,186 percent.

3) Fir tree die off.

4) Salmon spawning down from 160,000 in the local tributaries, to 8,000 a 95 percent crash.

5) 80 percent of amphibians gone.

6) Forest floor soil PH went from 5.5 – where it keeps various things harmful to trees in check, to 7.0 neutral.

7) White nose syndrome Has killed off 90-100 percent of the bats in at least 10 states. Oxidized aluminum is white, just like the fake clouds.

8) Deformed trout

9) Local potato harvest down 80 percent.