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News dal Project Camelot
A source has just informed us that their alphabet agency contact has been deployed to the Middle East. In the words of the contact, war with Iran is now a “done deal”. This contact had also said in a previous message that he was “too old for this shit”.

Back in July, the contact stated that Israel will start it, and the US will back them, mainly with refueling. We have no further information to indicate whether this strategy is still current.

Our source has asked for us all to pray for peace.

It is Camelot's view that an attack may be used to take the eyes of the world off the ongoing economic crash and on to the war scenario in a major effort to distract while things go downhill.

Our source Henry Deacon, who has worked with many different agencies on many different projects, has told us (in response to our sharing with him the above information) that he was contacted last week with a view to an immediate and urgent assignment in the Middle East at an extremely high rate of pay. Henry turned down the offer.


Last night we received this e-mail from George Green:

I'll call you. Things are really coming. The meeting today on the government assisting the sale of Lehman to Barclays fell through… the dollar is close to collapse.

NEW YORK – La Russia si sta dirigendo “verso l'isolamento e l'irrilevanza”: ne è convinta il segretario di Stato Usa Condoleezza Rice secondo quanto si legge in anticipazioni del discorso che pronuncerà oggi a Washington.

Il Dipartimento di Stato Usa ha anticipato alcuni dei passi del discorso che la Rice deve pronunciare oggi a Washington, al German Marshall Fund, un think tank transatlantico. La Rice, accusando la Russa di essere “sempre più autoritaria all'interno ed aggressiva all'estero”, ha ancora una volta indicato che l'adesione di Mosca al Wto, l'organismo che regola il commercio mondiale, e all'Ocse, l'organizzazione per la cooperazione e lo sviluppo in Europa, potrebbe essere “rimessa in discussione”.