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I note that Blessed Israel, always seeking peace with its neighbors, has managed to so antagonize the Gazan Arabs that they have sent a few missiles into the wilds of Israel, frightening a few farmers and goats and supplying them with the rationale to launch savage air strikes against heavily built up civilian areas. And of course, Bush supports all of this slaughter and gleefully supplies Israel with more bombs. When the IDF invaded Lebanon the last time, it went in smugly, certain of victory, and fled in terror, positive of defeat. If the Arab community has an concern for its own security, it should take unilateral action against Israel and tend to business. Bush is not going to start a MidEast major war because he is on his way out and wants to leave some kind of a non-lethal legacy such as his support of libraries for the blind or underwear for the deaf. Israel has proved herself to never want peace with any of her neighbors and her sole and oft-stated goal is to establish a Greater Israel, devoid of Arabs and with a great influx of the world’s Jewry occupying conquered Arab territory. And, given their nature, once they established the boundaries of Greater Israel, they would embark on another program of insulting and threatening her new neighbors. When she found out that the Russians were supplying Iran with very effective new anti-aircraft weaponry, Israel howled to Washington about this “aggressive” act although anti-aircraft systems are purely defensive in nature. Given the disastrous state of our economy, I think that now the American people are more interested in rebuilding their fiscal infrastructure than becoming involved in the psychotic and murderous problems at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. And on a humorous note, I see that the latest Tom Cruise nonsense deals with attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler at the hands of a known homosexual, Claus von Stauffenberg. One wonders if Cruise were type-case in the role.”