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There is chaos and panic in the Japanese government just as there is in many Western countries.

The Japanese government is in a state of complete chaos. The CIA and Japanese militarist controlled regime that has been in power since 1955 is collapsing

. The US government is using all its resources to try to prop it up but the efforts will be useless in the end. Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton is rushing over here to try sop up a few extra Japanese dollars to feed to unsavory US puppets in places like Pakistan. However, US colonial puppets like the Japanese members of the Trilateral Commission and the US department of the foreign ministry are doomed creatures. No matter what they do, they cannot stop what has begun. The economies of Japan and the West are shrinking by 30% in a matter of months. Of course this will mean suffering for

many people in the world. However, the nightmare for humanity is coming to an end. The gangsters who ruled the world with violence and crime are on their way out as revolution begins. The beasts of the old regime have only a maximum of months left. They must cede with good graces now before it becomes too late to save them.