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American black ops in Japan are starting to be exposed

Recently something interesting has been happening in Japan. All sorts of unsolved crimes and incidents are now being blamed on the US government. The weekly Shincho Magazine has been running a series of confessions by a man who claims (and provides convincing evidence) that he killed reporters working for the Asahi Newspaper on behalf of a US embassy employee connected to the CIA.

In what appears to be a related development, the killer of Japanese Democratic Party MP Kouki Ishii has now confessed, in a documentary released by TV Asahi, that he lied when he confessed by saying he acted alone when in fact he acted on behalf of others. Ishii was killed 4 years ago shortly before he was due to bring evidence to the Japanese parliament that would “turn Japanese politics upside down.” My sources told me he found out a large portion of Japan’s secret budget was being used to steal Japanese money to give the US military industrial gangster machine.

Finally, senior members of the Japanese security police have provided me with evidence the US shot down JAL flight 123 in 1985 –killing over 500 people- in order to force Japan to sign the Plaza Accords.

It is clear the Japanese post-war colonial government set up in 1955 is collapsing. That is probably why Japanese police and journalists are finally digging into the biggest taboo of all (in Japan): US government orchestrated crimes in Japan.