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KABUL – Oltre cento persone, fra cui molti civili, sono rimaste uccise in raid aerei delle forze americane avvenuti tra lunedì e martedì nella provincia afghana occidentale di Farah. Un'inchiesta è già stata aperta sull'incidente, mentre da Washington il presidente Hamid Karzai ha definito “ingiustificabile e inaccettabile” la perdita di civili precisando che affronterà l'argomento oggi nel suo primo colloquio con il presidente degli Stati Uniti Barack Obama…

More about the secret war now raging

People trying to find out what is really happening with the ongoing financial war appear to be confused these days. That is because even at the very top of the world pecking order there is confusion. What my direct sources -as opposed to internet sources like Caspar, Hennegan, Poof, Story, Rense etc.-(my NSA sources tell me they are all reliable but do get fed disinformation from time to time.) tell me is that a new financial system has been set up but that the owners of the Federal Reserve Board do not want to give up their dollar printing press. The result is a stalemate that could drag on for a while yet. As time goes on, the owners of the Fed are losing their power base as their global network is dismantled bit by bit. However, these people ARE NEVER TO BE UNDERESTIMATED and could do something really crazy.

Leaders of most of the countries of the world are also now united against the Feds. The Feds still control about half the Pentagon, a giant private army of mercenaries and spies, President Obama and his hypnotized human sheep, most senior politicians and the supreme court. Inside the US they are opposed by half of the pentagon, half or more of the people in US government agencies, state leaders and much of the intelligentsia.

The bottom line though, is that the Federal Reserve Board is bankrupt and all its owners can do is play for time and threaten to spread diseases and start war.
i leader di molti paesi si oppongono alla FED, che controlla mezzo Pentagono, mercenari e spie.
Obama è ipnotizzato, come altri politici e la corte suprema

La FED è in bancarotta e chi la possiede minaccia e usa malattie e guerra