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he Japanese diet has been dissolved and CIA rule of Japan is coming to an end
Now that Prime Minister Taro Aso has dissolved the Japanese Parliament there will be no stopping the unraveling of the CIA/Nazi control of post-war Japan. Polls show that 80% of the traitors in the Mori faction will be purged in this election. The new secret government of Japan could have, if it chose to do so, destroyed the opposition Democratic Party of Japan’s chances of winning by cooking up some sort of “scandal.” They have not done so because they plan to create a new party by combining the Democratic Party of Japan with the members of the currently ruling Liberal Democratic Party. The Komeito religious party will then also have to join the new coalition because otherwise they will find themselves under the spotlight for violating the constitutional ban on mixing politics and religion.

After the new government is formed, the US bases on Japanese soil will probably remain until the global transformation of the US military into a more benevolent organization is completed.