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White House to Scrap Bush’s Approach to Missile Shield

September 17, 2009

by Peter Baker and Nicholas Kulish

New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Obama announced on Thursday that his administration will scrap former President George W. Bush’s planned missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic and instead deploy a reconfigured system aimed more at intercepting shorter-range Iranian missiles.

In a speech at the White House, Mr. Obama said that the decision was being made as a result of a unanimous recommendation by his advisers, and that it would offer a “more comprehensive” system that would “enhance protection of all our NATO allies.”

President Obama decided not to deploy a sophisticated radar system in the Czech Republic or 10 ground-based interceptors in Poland, as Mr. Bush had planned. Instead, the new system his administration is developing would deploy smaller SM-3 missiles, at first aboard ships and later probably either in southern Europe or Turkey, according to those familiar with the plans said.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who was first appointed by Mr. Bush, was scheduled to follow Mr. Obama’s announcement with a news conference at 10:30 a.m.

The shift in plans amounts to one of the biggest national security reversals by the new administration, one that will upset Czech and Polish allies and possibly please Russia, which adamantly objected to the Bush plan. But Obama administration officials stressed that they were not abandoning missile defense, only redesigning it to meet the more immediate Iranian threat…

Israeli Now Taps All US telephones, faxes

by Brian Harring, Domestic Intelligence Reporter

-from various sources-

“It turns out that Israel has had a potential wiretap on every phone in America for years, along with the ability to monitor and record who any person is calling, anywhere in America; information of great value even if one does not listen to the calls themselves. Amdocs, Inc. the company which sub contracts billing and directory services for phone companies around the world, including 90 percent of American phone companies, is owned by Israeli interests. Yet another company, Comverse Infosys, is suspected of having built a “back door” into the equipment permanently installed into the phone system that allows instant eavesdropping by law enforcement agencies on any phone in America. This includes yours.” -From JMP Aurelius whatreallyhappened.com January 17, 2006

It has been clearly established that during the term of President George H.W. Bush, (once head of the CIA and very friendly towards Israel) the Israeli Mossad, or foreign intelligence agency, had gained permission to send approximately 50 of their agents to the United States in order to “observe possible Arab terrorist groups” that might be operating in the relative safety of that country. These Mossad agents worked through the various Israeli diplomatic establishments as well as the Israeli Trade Commission office in New York and such Jewish organizations as the Anti Defamation League.