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I flipped it over and replaced the inner circles with full moons and had to search the internet just to see how many total eclipses will happen before 2012… I was pleasantly surprised to find that 3 is the number, and found that the views of earth from the moon (wikipedia) seem to be what the continental shaped blobs seem to represent, almost all of the earth will see 1 of 3 total lunar eclipses before the year 2012… also interesting to note that these 3 total eclipses will occur in a row, without any partial eclipses happening in between their occurrences on December 21 2010 🙂 June 15 2011 🙂 December 10 2011 food for thought (just like a mushroom)


Similar to the jellyfish CC of May 29th, Roundway Hill 10th of May, the dragonfly of Yatesbury June 3rd, and the Phoenix of June the 12th, this CC seems to suggest solar activity and associated effect on the Earth's magnetosphere. Each crop circle seems to suggest the sun and the shape of the magnetosphere.

After the jellyfish of May 29th, the sun became more active after a relative period of quiet (absence of sunspots, flares, Coronal mass ejections). On the 31st of May the sun started to emit low level flares up until June 3rd. It was during this time that a French plane fell out of the sky in a location known to be present a magnetic anomaly in the earth's magnetic field.