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Articolo di Fulford:

The Cabalists Struggle in Vain to Stop the New Financial System

“These gangsters, for their part, made a big push last week in an effort to make it seem they were still in charge. In Europe they placed cabal flunkies in power in Greece and Italy after threatening the previous democratically elected leaders into resigning. This show of force, however, is still not backed by any show of money. The Rotschild/Rockefeller cabalists remain bankrupt and any attempts at asserting control in Europe will fail. In fact, the Greeks have contacted the White Dragon Society to inform them they will pretend to go along with the cabalists in order to get a new hit of paper money but that when the time comes to pay back, they will, as the Irish did, demand proof the bankers had a legal right to lend that “money,” in the first place…”