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601 mila miliardi di dollari, 10 volte il Pil globale. A tanto ammonta il controvalore degli strumenti finanziari derivati scambiati nel Pianeta. A rivelarlo la Banca dei regolamenti internazionale nel suo bollettino trimestrale. Il segretario al Tesoro Usa Timothy Geithner invoca regole globali, un traguardo tuttora lontano

Despite seeming bad news on several fronts last week, insiders assure us that plans for a new financial system are going ahead on all fronts. Instead of perpetual war and genocide on behalf of an inbred elite, the people of the planet are choosing to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and push for a new life-centered scientific and technical revolution. Major assistance emerged as a 59-nation group claiming to represent the Red Dragon Society or Maiona, offered its support to the new system. The Red Dragon is headed by Admiral Heemi Hau, Paramount Chief of the NGAPUHI in New Zealand and links 59 countries plus 2700 tribes mostly in the South Pacific Region. They back their words with treaties with the British Empire going back to the 1700’s as well as older treaties going back to 804 CE. This is yet another step in the unstoppable global awakening that will forever take control of the planet out of the hands of the gangsters who have been terrifying us for so long.

Chiaramente non ci credo finchè non lo vedo…ma ammetto la mia ignoranza, so solo che il sistema è da rifare