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Nel 2002 il MIT fallisce nel tentare di ricreare i fenomeni fisici sulle piante caratteristici dei crop circles “interessanti”

In 2002 an unsuccessful (and as it turns out, an insincere) crop circle experiment was carried out by three M.I.T. undergraduates, who accepted a TV challenge to reproduce three specific plant and soil abnormalities consistently observed in crop circle plants and soils worldwide — abnormalities also presented in three peer-reviewed scientific papers. Although the undergraduates and their two graduate-student “advisors” were unable to reproduce any of the criteria specifically required (elongated apical plant stem nodes, expulsion cavities in the plant stems, and 10-50 micron-diameter magnetized iron spherules deposited linearly in the crop circle soils) they and the TV production crew did–quite accidentally–produce evidence that exposure to microwave radiation does cause electronic equipment failure.

su cropcircleconnector anche quelli italiani


Castelfranco-Nonantola (MO). Reported 8th June.