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il 6 c'è stata una CME solare, il 7 e l'8

The Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) confirms that on July 6, 2009, a very large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was emitted by the sun. This was followed by what appears to be a smaller CME being emitted by a solar flare on the morning of July 7, and another large CME emitted on July 8. The CMEs are partial confirmation for a coded prediction found in a crop circle discovered in Milk Hill England that evolved in three stages from June 21 to 30.


A second solar flare emitting a smaller CME emerged on the morning of July 7 and was captured by LASCO 2 (see below at 2 O'Clock position). While smaller compared to July 6 solar flare, the July 7 flare shows solar plasma again being ejected in a possible CME. On the left side of the sun, another large solar flare can be seen building up which on July 8 also appeared to discharge a CME.