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scusate un giochino da ragazzi con la bottiglia di birra in mano

Smeathe's Plantation nr Ogbourne Down Gallop, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July.


Simboli degli Indiani d'America


From the Hopi tribe, Kachinas are the spirits of the invisible life forces. They are supernatural beings who serve as divine messengers between people and gods. The Sun Kachina is a symbol of life, growth, strength of spirit, and abundance.

Dalla tribù Hopi, i Kachinas sono spiriti delle forze vitali invisibili. Sono esseri supernaturali che servono come messaggeri divini tra le persone e gli dei. Il Sole Kachina è simbolo di vita, crescita, forza dello spirito, abbondanza.

Kwakiutl Sun:
Legend states that the Sun was chief released from a box by Raven, the Sun Chief inhabited the sky and it was believed he could be reached by climbing a chain of arrows. He descended by sliding down its long rays. The Sun represents abundant lifeand its warmth radiates with healing and peace.

Sole Kwakiutl: la leggenda afferma che il Sole era il capo rilasciato da una scatola da Raven (corvo), il Capo Sole ha abitato il cielo e si credeva che ci arrivò scalando una catena di frecce. Discese facendo scendere i suoi lunghi raggi. Il Sole rappresenta abbondanza e il suo calore porta guarigione e pace.

Expanding solar clouds (July 24, 2009)

The HI-1 instrument on STEREO (Ahead) observed as barely visible streams and occasional clouds of solar particles head away from the Sun. The video clip suggests a generally quiet level of solar activity, with a steady streaming of solar particles and three faint clouds that are expanding as they cross the field of view (July 11-18, 2009).

The sources of those clouds most likely are small solar storms. The HI-1 instruments on each of the two STEREO spacecraft are wide-angle visible-light imagers that can detect the passage of solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) through the heliosphere. Each HI instrument has a 20¡ field of view and is off-pointed from the Sun direction by 14.0¡. These are one pair of NASA's space weather watchdogs.+