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ll Cambio di Era di D.Wilcock

We will cite the efforts of another Maurice C., this time not Maurice Cotterell but Maurice Chatelain, a former NASA scientist and astrophysicist from France.

Ra’s quote makes it clear that we have to go beyond simply studying the Sun — this “pulsating energy” would represent the harmonic forces that have organized the entire Solar System in the same way that they organized the Global Grid.

If we look at the Great Cycle strictly from the perspective of the sunspots, we might then assume that the interest in 2000 could stem from the fact that the smallest “sunspot cycle” is known to operate in 11-year increments.

We know that this 11-year cycle has an effect, disrupting radio communications and increasing solar particle emissions. Current calculations place the next sunspot peak date as occurring in May of 2000.

That fact alone suggests strongly that there is a connection, as most people are well aware of the May 5, 2000 planetary lineup that will occur.

This was made public in the opening episodes of the TV show “Millennium,” as well as Richard Noone’s 5/5/2000: Ice, The Ultimate Disaster.

Remember now that Cotterell had independently discovered a sunspot cycle that caused the sun’s magnetic fields to shift, before he ever saw any mathematical information tying this in with the Mayas. His numbers had come strictly from the interpretation of satellite data pertaining to the ebb and flow of sunspots.


So, Cotterell took each “bit” of these three figures and crunched them together with a supercomputer that he had access to at his new job at Cranfield Institute of Technology, now Cranfield University.

As the output churned out, Cotterell had the shock of his life. Here is the quote from Mayan Prophecies:

The computer plugged away at its sums for several hours before eventually spewing forth its vital data in the form of a graph. What came out was sensational.

In a long printout of jagged peaks and troughs, looking like some erratic heartbeat, a rhythmic cycle could clearly be seen. This graph of interaction had the fingerprints of whatever it is that drives sunspots — for what could clearly be traced was an 11.49-year cycle marking periods of intense activity.

This discovery was made as a result of satellite technology, combined with the best supercomputer number crunching that was available to Cotterell at the time; a product of modern, late 20th century technology as we strive further towards “outer space.”

As unbelievable as it must seem to the uninitiated, Cotterell later discovered the exact same measurement as the sunspot shift cycle in ancient Mayan writings; the enigmatic figure known as the “super number” in the Mayan work entitled the Dresden Codex.

In poche parole nel libro di Wilcock c'è abbastanza per rimanere sconvolti a sufficienza, questi scienziati in ambito aerospaziale nel fare i loro studi usando il massimo della tecnologia a loro disposizione, hanno trovato valori di cicli perfettamente combacianti con quelli nei testi Maya, sapete, il codice Dresda andato bruciato quasi tutto per gli spagnoli ahahahah!

Piano piano capirete sempre di più il perchè ho rotto le balle con sti libri di Wilcock e per l'emozione vi cadranno i capelli.. ihihih