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So everyone can see how the events of the day/night are blending we are sending this out just as it came forward.

Hi there, I think what is shakin', is that at the “RIGHT” moment, The white knights are gonna give the signal to the nanites that have already been put in place in every single satellite in orbit! When that signal is given, The Satellites will receive NEW DIRECTIONS from the amino acid computers on the ships, then they will be brought up to speed with the ships!… Then we just may be hearing The Capt. & The Admiral giving the orders of the DAY!!… These cabals HAVE NOTHING TO DO EXCEPT receive LOVE! If they do not, they are gonna start disappearing ALL OVER THE PLANET!…THEY MUST RECEIVE LOVE …NOW!


One addition to what Marcela referred to in her vision/dream was the “33rd”, degree…which just happens to be the exact degree of Earth–Sirius…and the symbol for the Office of the Christ and Earth becoming the 33rd Christed World.

Now, doesn't that seem like timely convergence?

Jupiter goes direct today and tomorrow–9/8–Pluto goes direct.

Continue adding in the recently disclosed elements of the geomagnetic re-calibration of the earth's core and the equilibration and integration of our Left/Right hemisperes that began on 9/2 and which will peak on 9/18. This is important because as a major increase in the energies occurs it is vitally necessary that our male/female pathways are in appropriate balance so we can outpicture those energies in an harmonious manner. Pineal gland activation requires that any toxic conditions in our hypothalmus be corrected first so that our vison and perception will be clear and in alignment with higher truth levels.

Other powerful additions to the recipe include the tripling of the number of Wingmaker starcraft over both poles and the equator and the increased activation of the ZPMs in the stepped pyramids(ziggarats) in the mideast which will soon reach sufficient intensity that they will start to glow.

That will also be part of how weapons will become non-functional and allow peace to be declared as the forcefield generated will repulse any hostile intentions by any military forces. They will then be told that war is over and they can return to their homes. Galactic crafts may be involved in their immediate relocation assistance.

Rama received a telephone call from “the Nameless Ones” who were calling from high up in the Himalayas. They wanted to report on situations there. First, they were following the Yak herds which are going to higher elevations, as if responding to some inner guidance. Secondly, they reported that many decloaked ships are filling their skies right now. This later occurance seems to be to counter increased Cabal activities aimed–and failing–at creating resistance to what is imminently about to happen: regime change, NESARA's Announcement and Millions of Ships Decloaking over every major city on the planet.

Debra's great graphic of how that might look.

Interestingly, Dennis Kucinich plans to bring up Impeachment up on the House Floor on the 10th. That is the same date that Ron Paul makes an important announcement. We have been reporting that changes, in process, will preempt

many if not all of the political dog & pony shows and that we may well NOT be having a regular national election on Nov 4th. We are continuing to get strong indications of a breakthrough/breakup that will remove many players from centerstage in the coming days…compeling NESARA's Announcement.

MarkH P.S. It is very heartening at the speed with which these events are being reported by many separate voices, each contributing to enrich the picture