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The discussions on a new financial system have failed

The US Treasury Secretary is supposed to announce a plan for the financial system on February 10th. That is the third time the announcement has been delayed. Our sources are telling us discussions about a new financial system have failed and whatever is announced in the US will not be a real solution. If things continue this way the United States will be bankrupt by this summer.

Bloomberg news has calculated that with the new stimulus plan added in, the US government has thrown 9.7 trillion dollars at the problem since September of 2008.

That is enough money, the calculate, to give $1430 to every man woman and child on earth or else pay off over 90% of all outstanding US mortgages.Despite this, 19 million US homes are vacant now and the real unemployment rate in the US has reached 18%. The amount of ships visiting US ports has fallen by over 17% from the previous month in both December and January. Trade with the US and Europe is grinding to a halt.

The Telegraph reports the latest financial plan involves money from “the alternative asset industry,” which we presume the owners of the Fed and the BIS (the Rothschilds and their “family”) are going to “lend” to the American people some of the money they stole. However since both the US and UK have very little primary, secondary or tertiary industry to speak of, creating extra zeroes on bank computers is not going to change that reality.

A source connected to the UK royal family insists these people are still planning a genocidal end-game and that this is what these shenanigans are really all about:Clearly non-enslaved nations of the world will have to unilaterally declare a new currency to replace the dollar and Euro for international transactions if they are to stop these mad murderers. Also, we must not forget that no matter how serious the Western economic crisis seems, the fact is that over 930 million people are now starving. These people could be saved by announcing a new system.