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The coming purge of American puppets in Japan

Japan is headed for a major purge of its body politic. The vast majority of politicians who have been bribed and blackmailed into submission by the Americans are expected to be kicked out of office in the lower house election that must be held by September of this year….

..Finally, no matter how much Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sucks up to the Japanese, as long as the Americans refuse to confess their sins, they are unlikely to be forgiven. Sure, it is true the Americans gave chocolate to some Japanese in the post-war era but any sense of gratitude they may have earned has been wiped out by their horrendous policies towards Japan ever since the Reagan (Papa Bush) era. If the Americans do not apologize for their bad behavior, starting with war crimes like the nuclear and fire bombing and ending with countless assassinations, they can expect relations with Japan to cool significantly under the new regime.