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Why the US granted eminent domain to China

A lot of concerned readers forwarded this article to me:http://www.rense.com/general85/give.htm

It contains a mixture of truth and outright disinformation. The big lie is the part that says China wants to kill 200 million Americans and take over their continent. As a long term resident of Asia with knowledge of the psychology of Asian leaders I promise you there is no way that could be true. However, it would certainly not be beyond the rogue elements of the US secret government to want to kill their own citizens and blame it on China in order to keep power.

The other part is about how the US industrial base was deliberately moved to China as an act of sabotage. The truth is that US business leaders were so obsessed with maximizing profits that they forgot their patriotism. Japanese businesses also built vast amounts of factories in China but they also made sure their Japanese employees and the Japanese industrial base remained OK. That is because Japanese business leaders are patriotic.

As for the part about the US granting eminent domain to the Chinese, the fact of the matter is that China will no longer lend to the US unless it has collateral. They have seen through the Federal Reserve Board fiat money scam and will not accept worthless Fed paper. However, if the Chinese do end up taking over US companies, it would be in their interest to build up and improve their new acquisitions.

Nonetheless, the US will turn into a Chinese colony unless the American people bring their financial system in touch with reality. That might mean a sharp one off drop in your standard of living but it would be followed by a return to fast growth.