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The world needs to carry out the Chinese/BRIC plan for a new currency

The Chinese government, with the support of most of the world, has issued plans for a new global currency. The details can be seen here at the Bank of China homepage.

The plan calls for a reform of the IMF so that developing countries and Japan etc. get more voting rights. After that the IMF could issue a new currency based on a basket of global currencies and commodities. This plan would immediately boost the global economy and should be supported by Japan.

The US criminal government, of course, rejects this idea. President Obama’s March 24th speech turned out to be a meaningless dud. The new Treasury plan to deal with toxic assets is just a repeat of their lies and wishful thinking from 5 months ago. Even if they goose the stock market with a few more fiat dollars, nobody is being fooled.

Since the United States is helplessly under the grip of a crime syndicate, all the other countries of the world need to go ahead and implement the new plan without US approval. Even the British government and the EU now despise the Federal Reserve Board. If the world took action the Fed would collapse and the American people would be free for the first time in 100 years.