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ANSA) – TOKYO, 8 APR – Il Giappone si avvia a varare un nuovo maxi-piano per rilanciare l'economia da 15.000 miliardi di yen (110 miliardi di euro). E' questa, secondo quanto anticipa la stampa nipponica, l'entita' dell'extra budget per l'esercizio fiscale 2009 che il governo di Taro Aso dovrebbe annunciare venerdi'.

It is time to investigate Goldman Sachs in Japan

The coast is now clear for the prosecutors to look into Goldman Sachs ' Japan operations, Myadvise to all employeeswith guilty consienses is to either get out ofJapan or become a whistle blower and get a pardon.

Tensions within the secret government of the West and in China are escalating

Almost immediately after the euphoria of the G20 ended, serious trouble has begun to brew behind the scenes. The problem is that the Bush/Clinton/Rothschilds and their clan elders do not want to give up any of their power. They made a secret deal with China to condemn the Americans and many Europeans to 50 years of debt slavery in order to pay off debt owed to the Chinese. Many powerful actors in Europe, the US and China are opposed to this deal. For that reason bankers are starting to be assassinated. The US military is also making bellicose noises saying they would rather fight that accept slavery.

There is something extremely unnatural about the Chinese making a deal with a group that tried to kill 80% of all non-European peoples. No matter how you think of it, it would be a better deal for China to accept payment in gold and European and American friendship and cooperation than it would be to try to make a deal with human slave traders.