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leggi sopra che ho precisato, forse non sapevate tutto..

Doveva salire Lieberman al posto di McCain ma McCain ha scelto di testa sua la Palin

questo viene da tbrnews.org una fonte “dall'interno”..per me Obama è dalla parte del mondo


Lieberman Address to Christians United for Israel

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) yesterday delivered the following remarks to the Christians United for Israel Conference:

“Thank you for that kind introduction and that warm welcome. May I in turn greet you with the ancient words of welcome offered to pilgrims in Jerusalem – “Bruchim Habaim B'Shem Hashem” – blessed be those who come in the name of the Lord.

That greeting is especially fitting for you because you have come to Washington not just as men or women, Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals. You are here as Christians United for Israel. You represent a powerful force of people of faith in America who have pledged to never forget thee, O Jerusalem.

And I know, as a Christian friend likes to remind me, that there are a lot more Christian Zionists in America than Jewish Zionists. And, I know the support of Christian Zionists today is critical to Israel's security and strength, and to America's security and strength.

So I am honored by your invitation to speak tonight, to thank you for what you are doing, to exhort you to continue to do more — which is God's work, and to pray with you that you are successful. …………