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opinione dalla “Voice of White House” tbrnews.org

The Voice of the White House
Washington, D.C., November 10, 2008: “No sooner was Barrack Obama declared President-elect than the bloggers began their senseless attacks on him and on any of those who were speculated to be members of his new government.

These are the same unhinged idiots who would cheerfully attack Jesus Christ if He won the election and who can be counted on to spend the next four years, yapping in the public ear like a Pomeranian dog on speed. Many simplistic bloggers think they alone brought down George Bush with their pointless yappings but I have news for them: George Bush brought himself down by his stupidity and arrogance, not some tin horn living in Wetumka, Georgia with an old computer and a mindless itch to be important.

Thanks to the corporate-friendly Bush people, we are now in a serious recession that bids fair to turn into a major depression. Much of this economic collapse is due to the deliberate removal of market controls but the rest is basically psychological. Just as mass psychology drove the market up, so mass psychology will drive the market down.

Franklin Roosevelt was a well-educated man but not very competent economist. He was, however, a great propagandist and for the first one hundred days of his presidency, he basically saved us all from a total economic collapse.

Given our present economic seismic problems, might it not be more useful to at least refrain from yapping and snarling, mindless behavior that only serves to further distract and frighten an already terrified public?

There are indeed times when silence is golden. In short, put a sock in it, dude.”

The keys to the country
November 9, 2008

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