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NUKUALOPA (TONGA) – Uno tsunami si è prodotto in seguito al sisma di magnitudo 7,9 che ha colpito la zona delle Isole Tonga. Lo ha annunciato il Centro di allerta tsunami del Pacifico, situato alle Hawaii.

''Le letture del livello del mare confermano che si e' generato uno tsunami. Esso puo' aver avuto conseguenze distruttive lungo le coste della regione vicino all'epicentro del sisma'', riferisce il Centro di allerta tsunami del Pacifico.

Il Centro ricorda che l'allarme era stato diramato per le Tonga, Niue, le Isole Kermadec, le Samoa, le Samoa americane, Wallis Futuna e le Fiji.

se non ricordo male le Hawaii si trovano proprio su uno dei vertici del tetraedro

Spherical Geometry & 19.5 Degrees
throughout the solar system

On Earth:
Mauna Loa, Hawaii (19 degrees 28 minutes N, 155 degrees 37 minutes W) The largest shield volcano is at 19.6 degrees north. This is Mauna-Kea volcano on the island of Hawaii.

The Kingdom of Tonga in the south Pacific Ocean comprises an archipelago of 171 islands, 48 of them inhabited,[2] stretching over a distance of about 800 kilometres (500 miles) in a north-south line. The islands lie south of Samoa, about one-third of the way from New Zealand to Hawaii.

Why '19.5 degrees' is Significant

19.5 degrees is the angle that's been found by researchers (Richard C. Hoagland, Stanley McDaniel, Erol Torun, Horace W. Crater, etc.) to be repeatedly encoded in the structures of Cydonia. It is viewed as a definite 'signal in the noise' – some kind of a 'message' left there by some intelligence. 19.5 is called t, the 'tetrahedral constant', because of its significance in tetrahedral geometry (a tetrahedron is a pyramid shape composed of four equilateral triangular sides): the apexes of a tetrahedron when placed within a circumscribing sphere, one of the tetrahedron's apexes touching the north pole, the other three apexes touch the surface of the sphere at 19.5 degrees south latitude. Why this number would be important to the builders of the Martian structures is not clear (though Hoagland is theorizing that it has to do with what he calls “hyperdimensional physics”).