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Space-Time, Electromagnetism, Spin & Gravity
1. Einstein states that Gravity is actually a result of the curvature or warping of the fabric of Spacetime, caused by either relative acceleration [a] or attraction between two centers of mass.

2. String Theory postulates that Gravity is a result of a certain state of spin (spin-2) or vibration (oscillation) by subatomic one-dimensional strings. [c] Supersymmetry adds to this description, stating that Gravity also has a superpartner (spin-3/2). [d] Some suggest that the principle of resonance [p] applies to subatomic fields, including Gravity. [k]

3. Loop Quantum Gravity bridges Quantum Physics and General Relativity by quantizing space-time itself, describing it as a literal fabric with a smallest possible size and shape to the component weave. [e] This smallest possible structural volume of space-time is a Planck scale Tetrahedron, and the smallest possible area is a Planck scale equilateral Triangle….