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Japanese auto-makers threaten to leave the US

In response to harassment by US authorities Japanese auto-makers have begun making plans to shut down their US operations, according to a Japanese government source. The US market is considered by them to be a sunset market and they would rather write off their investments there than submit to arbitrary fines and confiscation.

Meanwhile, outrage at the repeated use of HAARP is reaching dangerous levels. The attack on Chile was a crude and failed attempt at intimidation but the nations of the world are ready to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis in the name of freedom. It must also be noted that all military and civilian personnel involved in ordering and carrying out the HAARP attacks will be hunted for the rest of their lives unless they repent, according to underground sources in Latin America and Asia.

Here is a link to evidence about HAARP for those readers who still do not understand how criminally insane the Washington D.C. crime syndicate has become