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The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama


part II – (again, brief points)

Sunspot activity is not constant. Solar cycle is based on torsion fields (25 day rotational cycle as well as rotation of all the planets). Last peak of solar activity was 13,000 years ago. Volcanic activity is also increasing. So the combined rotational effects are hitting to a maximum of activity- 2012.

The Earth is slowing down, based on the atomic clock research, so the earth is taking longer to rotate…days are longer. Hints at conspiracy in keeping this information from the public.

AND, the gravitational constant is actually variable as well as the kg. standard of mass is changing…going down, getting lighter. Relates this to Pluto being demoted (political reason for this). Pluto rotates an an angle to the elliptical which has a multiplicative affect in torsion fields. That is why it's so powerful in astrological charts. [incidentally Pluto is at the top of DW's chart, see Cayce on astrology if you want to know more]