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pare l'abbiano studiata ..
è quello di cui ci ha scritto De Angelis..

Oil spill: global climate risk, says geophysicist Italian
8 hours 56 minutes The huge oil spill caused by a prolonged oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could cause irreparable damage all'attivit thermal regulation of the Gulf Stream, with consequences on global climate of the planet. Continue reading this news is' what the summary of a study published on the website of the Italian Geophysics by the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate ISAC-CNR. The memorandum signed by Gianluigi Zangari, a theoretical physicist, inspired by observations on the area of environmental disaster, conducted via satellite in real time by the National Laboratories of Frascati The importance of the Gulf Stream in the process of thermoregulation of global climate known to be recognized, recalled Note.