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richard scrisse…
nell'articolo non si capisce da dove provengano tutte quelle notizie, di Alex Jones mi fido poco..

…anche io mi fido molto poco di fulford e urzi 😉 :uuuu:

Alex Jones mi pare spettacolarizzare un po troppo la paura
Urzi non è confrontabile con questi personaggi
Non ho mai scritto che mi fido pienamente di Fulford

Jeff Rense files criminal charges against Alex Jones

Jeff Rense has filed a formal police report charging Alex Jones of Infowars.com with interstate terrorism and threats. According to Mr. Rense: “This is all about Jones…who called me at home last Tuesday afternoon just past 1pm and threatened to “destroy” me (and my family).

Rense says he will be moving his radio show to two new networks as a result of his spat with Jones.

Alex Jones was allegedly enraged by Rense’s posting of a link to this article.

That quotes from Alex Jones’s website’s comments pages to question whether or not Jones is in fact a Zionist agent. Rense also provided the following link to an audio clip where Jones is again threatening somebody.

My take on this is that while Alex Jones avoids the subject of Zionism and has a huge ego, he clearly attacks key institutions like the Bilderbergers and has played a great role in awakening many people to the dangers of the New World Order. It is a classic illuminati trick to infiltrate opposition groups and then get them to start fighting each other. Alex Jones should not have to censor information that his wife and kids are Jewish. Instead of threatening Mr. Rense personally, he should have attacked the content of the article about him. He should also, as I do, wear his Jewish connection like a badge of honour and fight against the Zionist gangsters on behalf of righteous Jews and all humans everywhere. Remember the essence of Judaism is the Golden Rule and it applies to all peoples and not just Jews. Mr. Jones should apologize to Mr. Rense. A request for a comment from Mr. Jones has not been answered at the time of writing this. Finally, I would like to remind him of an Asian saying: “the powerful eagle hides his claws.” The enemy is too powerful for truth seekers to waste energy fighting each other.