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Within experimental project it was carried out the analysis of precursors of May 20 earthquake with M6.0 in the region of Italy. According to the algorithm of analysis of earthquake geophysical indicators, on the basis of data of experimental Earth- and space-based monitoring system it were found anomalies in the 7 classes of indicators. Some of them are presented on composite image in App.2. The most significant anomalies in the classes of gravitational, georotational, protonic, ionospheric and telluric indicators were observed in the timeframe of May 13–18. According to the analysis algorithm, in this timeframe there must be observed cloud seismotectonic indicators. They were revealed on the satellite images of cloud cover of May 13, 15 and 18 (App. 3). Structure (A) on the satellite images of May 15, 2012 (02:00-08:00) reflects the dynamics of plate interaction along the area with 1000 km extent. The sharpest reflection of this interaction in cloud cover field is presented on the images of block 4.

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