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reactor is also claimed to generate cooling in at least in one chamber through ionization, turbulence, convection, rotation and plasma, and magnetic fields and interaction between at least two magnetic field, and at least in one layer of the material in one chamber, which create cooling effect to at least one material in at least one chamber or to the surrounding outer layer of the inside of the reactor, or at the outer boundary of the reactor.

processes in the quantum mechanical concepts. To Wilzcek (arXiv:physics/0511067-v2, dd 11 Nov 2005) “In modern quantum mechanics, an electron is no longer described as a particle in orbit. Rather, it is described by a vibrating wave pattern in all space … In Schrόdinger's account light is emitted or absorbed when the electron's vibrations set the electromagnetic field – aether, if you like – in motion, by the same sort of sympathetic vibration that leads to the emission of sound by musical instruments, when their vibrations set air in motion. These regular, continuous processes replace the mysterious “quantum jumps” from one orbit to another that were assumed, but not explained, in Bohr's model. … So the notion of using protons and neutrons as elementary building blocks, bound together by forces you would just go ahead and measure, became untenable.” And: “Asymptotic freedom says that an energetic quark (or antiquark or gluon) will frequently emit soft radiation, which does not significantly change the overall flow of energy and momentum; but only rarely emit hard radiation, which does produce changes in the flow.” And: “We know from many experiments that electrons and positrons have no significant internal structure, so there's no question that when we make these collisions we really are doing the same thing over and over again.”, and further: ” …what we perceive as empty space is in reality a highly structured and vibrant dynamical medium. Where Wilczek claims that protons and neutrons are composed of qu…

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