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Lo posterò alla, keshe , si può collaborare.

After many experiments with professors of physics and mathematics I managed to steal an automatism that seems to act without time but even after having verified that thing, I did not get any help from these people nor from others, although here I am writing to you.

The thesis.

This writing, this document is for posterity positive innovation, the maximum and congruous thesis for their positive life.

The topics covered are varied and have and will have a practical-scientific value but also ethical, moral and religious and will have a key role in bettering our civilization.

The evolution of the topics covered will undoubtedly have very positive feedback for years to come but unfortunately as we bitterly knowthe technologies that will be developed by multiple truths demonstrated in this paper (but not yet official, of course) may have effects, even disastrous.

Unfortunately, but do not hold it against me,for the many positive aspects that characterize my decision, I was encouraged to the development of the work by the fact that the positive progress can not and must not be stopped in any way, but as we all know by examining our history, we glimpse how the development of an innovative technology is accompanied with no remedy, by its negative effects.

But as I have already mentioned and I will explain partly later, the negative effect unfortunately is not an option, eventually positive and negative, good and evil are part of the evolution in an unbreakable bond, but in this case, for reasons still unknown to you, the positive effects are manifold and then based on this, I think it felt compelled to proceed, because I believe that all mankind should know what life is and should also know its causes, reasons, the possibility of its development and improvement.

Yes, in this paper we will discuss this, the possibility of life improved from different points of view: human, ethical, scientific, moral, pharmaceutical, and also panaceic; scientific forecasting of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and anything else in its widest range.

We will talk about how the matter is linked to time, and also how, more importantly, books and dictionaries in this case, are related to the time with congruences that I call intelligible coincidences then also how in some way there is a way to understand and explain how capturable information travel through time; it is an argument to say the least credible which explains how the luminal speed is actually a surmountable limit and that there are some information capable of changing our space-time traveling in a ultraluminal way, indeed I say and propose that they travel at time zero and at time -1 and namely the information was already there before the event and therefore time does not exist.

A brief history of remote vision and beyond.

Some people particularly gifted (although I think this is a cliché) during the Cold War, at the service of the American cia or kgb, using particular gifts of “remote” vision (that's how the Americans call it, you'll see why later), have seen describing in detail the contents of some secret documents or they have described accurately certain areas of the world where something “suspicious” was going on, for example, secret bases underground never revealed where they made special experiments or they even saw the rings of Jupiter before their discovery, so these people have seen “things” that go beyond space and time as we know them.
Why, many would say, beyond space and time?

Seeing something without ever seeing it gives us confidence that there are not only parallel universes but also a dimension that we call “Mother Primary Dimension”.

The “Mother Primary Dimension” is that dimension in which all the events of future, past and present, of our universe but also of all the parallel universes and then the multiverse, can be seen clearly and then we call these timeless events, realities always – present, and then static and that shows that the Einstein-Rosen bridge is a constant; we know that these connections, these visions, these energy actions are one of the causes of existence and the subsistence of living matter and nonliving matter.

the logical-visual constant
If the remote viewer can see in his mind before, for example, images of a closed magazine through concepts, or sees in his mind the image itself, or the image while is not shown, but only the written history of the image, in this case, the concept or image was there '' before'' and has always been there, hovering in matrix. So we can deduce that remote vision is a timeless “visual constant”so it is inherent also and especially to the view, as well as taste and smell. Let's take an example with another constant, the gravitational force.

Newton's apple is attracted by the earth at a constant speed, this is a physical unalterable process, and there is no reason why distance vision should not be a constant, let me explain better.

If the experiment of remote vision repeats indefinitely with positive results in physical and logical terms it is a constant, and this is what happens.

When we open a dictionary at random and we fix our eyes on it or we point our finger at it, we find an intelligible question or coincidence, or simply asking something to the dictionary-matrix the bigger it is the more it gives us the acuity of our thinking, but also the acuity of the answer which, paradoxically, will be intelligible and not foreign to our basic concept or question.

Why!? everything we did with effort focusing on remote vision, namely with regard to the viewing of images or concepts in our mind before they “happen”, and that is before seeing part of the predetermined page of the closed magazine, it is actually a physical and logical constant; we see our thoughts materialize in this case the image of the magazine, but we can do more, we can ask the aleph – matrix, dictionary etc, the materialization of our congruous-intelligible responses or concepts with the basic question posed by us, since, like the images of the magazine, they hover in the aleph –matrix-, which is the total supercomputer.

If I have a question and I have a dictionary, I open a random page, I concentrate on something at random, I will find a physical-intelligible congruence with my question, but there is more.

Coincidences do not only occur with the aforementioned verification, there are also connections even in the numbers of the pages of dictionaries or books, compared with the numbers of your birth date or the current year, there are congruous-intelligible concepts; Broadening the argument to all the books, all the numbers of the books with related scriptures, you will find your true life.


All beings who have populated the earth and populate it even today, are in some way connected temporally in a single dimension, a dimension which is the sum of all our ideas, thoughts, dreams and simple actions as the same document that I'm writing, just for this reason I say that the instinct of animals and plants has a single origin, the “matrix” or Mother Primary Dimension.


Is there maybe any connection matter-mind-matter?

The answer is simply yes.

Thoughts and actions are the same thing, are actions that, as in front of a mirror, reflect life – for example our closest fellows, for example those born in the same city, in the same year, the same month and day-‘’. Our actions, our thoughts are automatic thoughts of reflection.

There are no uncontrolled and incalculable actions in the universe, and so in our lives, our whole life is a mixture of action-reaction perfectly controlled by matrix.

Aleph , matrix.

We can connect directly to this informative dimension, what will be the benefit to the planet?

Technological and practical applications are varied, to begin with, the location of earthquakes, landslides and natural disasters in general, then follows the study of the mind and therefore of mental illness with less invasive techniques and medications, therefore the study of the origin of matter and life, and many other applications such as for example artificial intelligence, but it will not be an exact science, at least at the beginning, for reasons of scarcity of data by an analysis of the beginning of this new era we will have problems with the programming of these panaceic machines, but over time we will make progress and become ourselves smarter.

Pharmacology. Using the same technology, we can produce the results for our new medications, obtained through molecules or the union of molecules, found through the automatism of the the Matrix search.

We will ask the computer and then the Matrix which molecule or combination of molecules to use to defeat and eradicate certain diseases.

The molecules to “find” can be synthetic but it is also possible to find them in nature, for example from plants, or even animals.

Plants and animals found automatically, who knows maybe in Amazonia!

Astronomy-Astrophysics —- Paradox — Biology — Seti Albert Einstein was right, the closer we get to an astonishing speed as the luminal the more time tends to widen tending to zero, but he did not realize that detecting it was the easiest thing possible.

In fact, if you try the remote vision you can immediately see how an event can be seen before that the same event has occurred.

So from the point of view of astrophysics events are all paradoxically concatenated temporally and causally intelligible, regardless of their position in space.

So we can deduce that the time behaves both as 1# and as 0# and -1 at the same time, namely it behaves both as a quantifiable and not quantifiable measure, finally, the resultant is that time does not exist.

The space-time paradoxes exist then, but as we understood nothing imploded or exploded.

With the “programmed” vision we can also see where and in what planet there can be life and then we can also “see” at what evolutionary stage it is.

Intelligible coincidences.

For example, in one of my dictionary at page 1940 there is the term “skok” and then the word “shokante” and hear ye the word shoah where the meaning is: “Hebrew word which indicates the extermination of the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide, preferred to holocaust since the concept of inevitable sacrifice is absent”.

Then in another dictionary at page 2001 there is the term “subversive” meaning very directly “terrorist” that now in current use is not just the synonym (subversive), but it is used to distinguish and describe more directly and in detail those who belong to certain anarchist and insurrectionist factions.

Considerations and ultimate answers.

Answers and secrets that men had already revealed long long time ago and that if disclosed to the world will create havoc but will also bring “awareness” destroying a way of thinking that may seem unique and ambiguous but it is not, it was necessary.

In fact, “the misunderstanding” arose only when one species (human) has started to think about creation, spirituality and so on, dreams and life after death and not the contrary, actually there has never been the contrary.

Necessary and basically calculated is the reason; you see the reason (and here comes the complication) existed before life and even before and during the stages in which the first living beings formed billion years ago!

In other words I will not say too much at risk of becoming boring, but the answer was always around us; if we look better in history, the truth has soared and has risen in a clearly predominant way before the eyes of all; the fact is that we did not have and we have never had the courage to tell us each other it for the various religious and ethical conflicts that we know or for other obvious reasons.

Let's look at the statue of the psyche that touches the matter, the physics of intention had already explained everything in ancient Greece!

A one God (I ask forgiveness for those who do not believe that exists, I have to respect all wills and not to stand out, therefore), supports the matter in the perfection that is such as to not be perceived by most as such.

But what is the physics of intention!?

As we all well know, time does not exist without space and we think about it time is nothing more than movement and transformation of space in the unit of time, then the space-time, then time is an invention, a unit actually created by men to measure a physical phenomenon!
In reality, time does not exist!

The people who want to know the truth know that time does not exist!

Saying that luminal speed is unsurpassable is absurd, Zichichi agrees with me!

You can all experience remote vision if you have a dictionary at home, ask a question, open it and look at a random point, the book will give you a response coherent to the means used, it also happens with encyclopedias.

The One God.

Since we are one we are assonant and consistent.

Heteronymy, prophecy and free will.

Men are immersed in a bubble of automated data from which men, as well as all living beings, draw; there is no difference, the difference lies in the fact that animals do not yet have the capacity of consciousness, but both the firsts and the seconds are heteronomous with the system, meaning that they do not have autonomy, as logically and consciously we understand.

Free will ends when we have the ability to prophesy, then in that state we are in communion with the one God, by the will of the one God we prophesized and prophesize when, in this stage, our eyes are opened and we become one with it, but we still can not prophesize at 100% and this margin bars an illusory choice, but the matrix which is the one God is incontrovertible and maximum and then everything he writes, happens.