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Si è esposto finalmente, l'ipotesi di Camillo era corretta, è uno dei saggi per l'apertura del grande portale.

The opportunity for peace as it is in hand now has not arisen by chance, it marks the moment when the intelligence of the majority of this planet’s inhabitants has reached the level where they can not only support themselves but can assist, aid and give time to teaching their fellow men to reach a new level of collective comprehension of the totality of the world of existence, and not be limited to the life of a hermit race of man on this beautiful island of Earth in the ocean of the joyful life of the universe.

Service to mankind and others comes from and with the comfort of thoughts and peace for the body and the soul, and now that we have opened the gates of universal knowledge to man, it is time for man to take the leap of trust in his soul, the Creator and himself, and to release himself from the shackles of materialistic life, which is not worth it and does not last.

It has been raised in private and in public and on the forum of the Foundation if I am the prophet or a promised one and if my peace treaty document about the status of scientists makes me a prophet.

My answer to these questions, which have been raised among my family and by close friends for years and now public, is very simple.

The answer clearly and irrevocably is: Yes. I am a messenger and a messenger of science and through its power a messenger of peace.

In the passage of time the prophets of the past appeared at a time when the human race needed to attain a new understanding of what was to come.

Their Holinesses Mohammed, Christ, Moses and the rest all appointed the time of the return of the promised one as the time of peace and milk and honey.

In fact the time of the prophets of Earth had come to its end long before the time when I declared my position, as the prophets they promised have been prophets for the race of man and his time on Earth which was fulfilled long before this time in the last century.

My job and mission is guiding and teaching man so that he can finally join the rest of the creations of the Creator in the universe.

Our jobs as prophet of the man and messengers of universe are clearly separate and have different criteria and objectives. The prophets of man never spoke of the reunion of man with the universal community as this was not their appointed duty. Even though they were aware of the existence of both dimensions, man at their time was not ready for such a transformation and knowledge.

Now that man is ready, it is our clear job and duty as the universal messengers with full knowledge of the working of the universe and its society to guide man through this narrow channel, full of opportunities for things to go wrong, and they are: one being in opening of the universe to man and the other in guiding the man with the interaction of man with the universal community.

It is our job as universal messengers to prepare man for the unification in an orderly and correct manner even though not all men will understand this initial stage.

For this reason we have started to correct the mistakes of science in the books released initially, and now we are ready to take you through to the universal community.

But the universe is a peaceful place and there is no room for aggression and war.

So the nations of Earth have to find peace among themselves and then enter the universal community as mature people.

This is the responsibility that I have accepted in my soul. My physical body has no importance to me, as my wish and thoughts shall be carried through. Peace on earth shall become a reality in a short time, and if need be we have the knowledge and the power to enforce it if the world leaders and religions would like to see the power of our will.

Those who would like to see to believe, have to stand the pain of its power too.

The prophet of man is for the guidance of earthly beings and earthly knowledge, but as the duty of a universal prophet my job is the unification of all the races in the universe.

As universal prophets we are more informed about the total structure of the working of the universe and universal coexistence, and as guardians it is our job to see that all creatures of the Creator are served and reach the same level of understanding of their creation and science, so that one race cannot abuse another due to its lack of knowledge.

Thus as I have started the true basic teaching of the correct science, in due course and already I have started teaching of the soul and of the correct conduct of man in the universal community as we prepare man for this imminent event when he takes wing into space beyond Earth and in the universe with the rest of the universal community.

Some of the men who have been open to this message have already understood and started to behave correctly so that in the future their conduct in the universe will be appropriate.

The promised day of judgement is a matter of one’s daily behaviour and the consequence of the balance of the souls who are affected by the conduct of the physicality.

In the earthly religions of the past, the day of judgment was seen to be the ultimate time and in truth the time of departure and separation of the soul from its body or the time of physical death, where in reality the only point left for the soul at the time of death is to find its position according to the physical behaviour of its counter-body in the time of its physical life in the realms of other entities in the universe.

So the man who has conducted himself correctly and received more of the blessing or parts of souls of others will have a higher position and stronger fields that enable his soul to interact with the higher level and more effective souls that serve in the rest of the universal community.

In the act of giving one’s blessing, this is the act of giving a part of one’s own existence, as blessing comes from thoughts and thoughts are energy based.

Thus there shall be no hell and no heaven, but a clear station where one’s soul will be positioned and operate in the universal order.

That is why we say pray for our parents up on their passing to guide their souls to higher elevation than when they were here on earth, as the existence of the soul has no time and dimension and their soul still can receive part of our soul through our prayers.

This is like the birth of a child from a mother, where the child born to a mother in the slums will live with the same and the child born in a palace will live in a similar community with nobles in physical life.

To go from one society to another is still possible in the realms of the soul, as one can attain enough through receiving blessing from others from serving humanity, so that at the time of passing, the soul of the man whom severed others in a slum can and will attain a higher position than the sum of the souls of all princes and kings in the sinful palaces of all the kingdoms on earth.

Thus my mission is clear, and that is not to create division among men as they have done enough of that by themselves, but to make ready and create the conditions where man can soon rejoin the universal community for the final time in an orderly and correct manner with correct conduct and behaviour and knowledge.

Blessed are those souls who understand, comprehend and become part of the peaceful universal community, for the creation of greater peace in the universe and not a lesser peace only on this planet.

Has ever been and shall ever be.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Intervento completo, “New Era”