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The translation of this video has been asked for and once we receive it from the Keshe Foundation China we will post it on the forum.

I thank our chines speaking team, whom have translated the most important points for us in above entries.

TO start with: This is not a failed experiment.

The beauty with this set-up is that no one before has used the irradiation and enforced cooling of gas prior of feed to system at the same time.

This has created new aspects for design and can look promising for control once it is used in the right order.

This is real new design and test condition according to the teams understanding of patent.

We have already had a long talk with the developer through chines Keshe Foundation director and advised them about points which are not considered and crucial to test and which we think needs to be put right.

Now they will redesign their systems and test it in a few weeks.

The problem with this system is that it is missing some crucial parts, which they did not realize or they thought it can be done without during their work. They consulted with us over long Skype conference call, we told them what we think and what we consider that needs to be done and we gave our opinion as how and what needs to be adopted.

This is what we are doing with all other teams around the world, we do not give design, but advice in what we see has been missed or what we see as point of correction.

It is for them to rectify the problem their way.

We did the same with polish, Italian and others developers.

This is exactly what we have said before; each nation will make their own flavor of the system.

This video shows that soon one nation is and will be going to be out to show their own design for power or lift system.

We are talking to about 30 nations around the world, whom are now testing their systems, this be it governmental or private.

In respect to the Foundation non-nuclear reactor, which we have developed, this system soon will be finished for its setting and testing will start.

We will show the system throughout its testing phase and this will be posted on the forum under its own heading.

We again congratulate all the individuals and groups whom are working to achieve their own systems.

We support you and advise you and that is all.

Those, whom want to ask about their reactors or design, please contact Mr. Carmond or lady dragon that you can participate in the monthly workshop.

This month workshop session (the 4th workshop) will be held on 27.6.2013 at 6 am central European time on Skype as before.

We will answer as much questions as possible in this 2-3 hours session.