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[E tante altre domande ..


Interessante che qualcuno sia pagato per ipotizzare l'idrogeno metallico… non ho ho parole….

In realtà le mie domande servivano a scatenare un ragionamento con risposte quasi ovvie per come conosciamo la scienza oggi, ma forse la vera realtà ci sfugge ancora.


L articolo evidenzia le carenze di risposte alla fisica solare

Solar physical research shows that the Sun works as a basically unstable thermonuclear reactor, continuously producing thermonuclear runaways in its core (Grandpierre, 1995a). These runaways are triggered by extremely small variations in the macroscopic velocity and magnetic field of the solar energy-producing core. The origin of these perturbations seem to point at the tidal influences of planets, as the solar activity shows a correlation with the sum of planetary tides (Wood, 1972). Moreover, the core of the Earth also seems to be coupled to the solar cycle, showing the presence of a mutual extremely sensitive coupling interaction between the cores of the Sun and the Earth. This tidal and electromagnetic interaction produces mutual effects in the distant interactive cores of the Sun and the Earth which is amplified in a rate larger than 1010. The electromagnetic induction coupling of the solar and terrestrial core is an expression of the universal phenomenon of coupling! between cosmic bodies and biological systems. The universal coupling is possible because the stellar and planetary systems are fundamentally open and ultrasensitive systems. The discovery of the universal ultrasensitive coupling presents the Universe as building up from systems which are similar to the earthly living systems in their activities.