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va preso entro certi limiti, prendetelo in modo distaccato..alcune parti le trovo interessanti, è giusto evidenziare il discorso dell'armamento spaziale ad esempio e il fatto che non siamo soli e padroni di tutto..mi piace di piu il primo Secret Space
Se fosse il film dietro le quinte perchè attendere ad esempio, che l'essere umano arrivi ad armamenti da guerre stellari per invadere?
Le domande sono tante, è sempre la stessa storia, alla fine ognuno pensa quello che preferisce, ma non vedo l'Universo come una jungla dove domina la legge del più forte e dove l'evoluzione è basata su questo, anche perchè ancora non sappiamo veramente come avviene l'evoluzione.

Che gli alieni ci abbiano “invaso” piu volte ci sta, ma a che scopo? Alcuni pensano per schiavizzarci, altri pensano per spingere la nostra evoluzione, alla fine lo ha saputo veramente solo chi ha vissuto in quei tempi.
Che l'essere umano abbia bisogno di superiori che regolino e controllino mi sembra palese, sia ai bassi che agli alti livelli sociali ci comportiamo spesso come bambinoni.

Il discorso può prolungarsi molto, ma alla fine è chiaro che ognuno può pensarla e vederla in un certo modo, finchè forse non sapremo la verità.

Credo comunque che da tempo sia in atto un contrasto tra ET e umani, che danno l'esempio bombardando la Luna a scopo “scientifico”.


Testimony of Colonel Ross Dedrickson, US Air Force (ret.)/AEC

September 2000

Colonel Dedrickson is a retired Colonel from the USAF. He went to Stanford business school where he studied management. Back in the 50’s part of his responsibilities included maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons. Many reports kept coming in that UFOs were seen at various nuclear storage facilities and some of the manufacturing plants. He has seen them himself many times and was present when the famous fly-over over the Capital happened in July of 1952. At that incident he recalls seeing nine illuminated disc-type craft. He also tells of at least two occasions where extraterrestrials destroyed nuclear weapons headed out to space, one heading to the moon to be detonated for tests. It was destroyed because “nuclear weapons in space … were not acceptable to the extraterrestrials…”

RD: Col. Ross Dedrickson SG: Dr. Steven Greer

RD: … While I was at the AEC in 1952, I had my first incident with UFOs which was in mid July when they flew over Washington, D. C. I saw my first nine UFOs…

I was a staff officer for the military liaison committee between the chairman of the AEC and the Secretary of Defense. I became acquainted with not only the Army, Navy, and Air Force, but civilian agencies, the CIA, the National Security Agency, and other contacts which I developed. During that period of time one of my functions was to accompany a security team which visited all of the nuclear facilities to check on the security of weapons. And we were getting reports of visits by UFOs over the storage facilities and even some of the manufacturing facilities. And that went on continuously…

And so, then after that siege which went through the entire ‘50s, I was assigned to the Unified Command under Admiral Felt during the ‘60s. I was the officer in charge of the Alternate command post involved with nuclear weapons operation planning. During that period of time, I maintained contacts with NORAD, with the SAC operations, and was involved with operational plans for the use of nuclear weapons. And during this period of time, I also learned of a number of incidents which happened involving UFOs. And then further on I finally retired from the Air Force and joined the Boeing Company where I was assigned to the Minute Man program where I was responsible for the accounting of all the nuclear fleet, the Minute Man One, Two, and Three. And during that period of time, I also learned about incidents involving nuclear weapons. And among these incidents were those where a couple of nuclear weapons that were sent into space were destroyed by the extraterrestrials…

SG: Were over-flights of nuclear facilities taken seriously?

RD: Oh yes. Oh yes indeed. In fact, they were taken so seriously that the observers would often not report them because it involved so much bureaucracy and protocol, and et cetera. They deliberately would not report them. On most of those cases where the UFOs became identified at least on a radar or with reports, why, they would try to scramble aircraft to intercept them. It was a very aggressive, you might say, response from our own government. Well, there was one incident when we exploded a nuclear weapon over the Pacific and this was in about ‘61 I believe. The consternation that it caused [from the ETs] was because it shut out communications over the Pacific basin for a number of hours in which no radio transmission was available at any time. And this was very significant. And of course this was one that the extraterrestrials were really concerned about because it affected our ionosphere. In fact, the ET spacecraft were unable to operate because of the pollution in the magnetic field which they depended upon. It was my understanding that in either the very end of the ‘70s or the early ‘80s that we attempted to put a nuclear weapon on the Moon and explode it for scientific measurements and other things which was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials.

SG: And what happened?

RD: The ETs destroyed the weapon as it went toward the Moon. The idea of any explosion of a nuclear weapon in space by any Earth government was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials and that has been demonstrated over and over.

SG: How was that demonstrated?

RD: By the destruction of any nuclear weapon sent into space. …

And then later on our visits to Los Alamos and Livermore we found that people were interested in the extraterrestrial technology, very much so.

SG: Did those conversations indicate that there were materials of extraterrestrial origin that were being studied?

RD: Oh yes. Oh yes. In fact, that was the time when Area 51 became notorious…