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China moves G-20 monetary seminar to Nanjing

PARIS – CHINA is going ahead with a G-20 seminar on March 31 to develop ideas on reshaping the global monetary system, but has moved it to the city of Nanjing, near Shanghai, a French government source said on Friday.

The Chinese-hosted gathering of academics, economists, central bankers and finance ministers, previously planned for the city of Shenzhen, will give a symbolic push to one of the key planks of France's Group of 20 presidency.

La Cina sposta il seminario monetario del G20 a Nanjing
La Cina continua col seminario del G20 del 31 Marzo per sviluppare idee e riformare il sistema monetario globale, ma si è spostato a Nanjing, vicino a Shangai, dice una fonte del governo Francese. La riunione comprende accademici, economisti, banchieri e ministri delle finanze, ..

The Federal Reserve will disclose details of emergency loans it made to banks in 2008, after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an industry appeal that aimed to shield the records from public view.

La Federal Reserve rivelera dettagli sui prestiti d'emergenza fatti alle banche nel 2008, dopo che la Suprema Corte USA ha rigettato un appello industriael che voleva mascherare i registri dal pubblico.

(Reuters) – A deal to avert a government shutdown took shape in Congress on Monday, but the short-term spending measure would do nothing to resolve the bitter debate over federal spending.

E' stato fatto un accordo nel congresso per evitare lo stop al governo, ma la misura a breve termine non risolve il dibattito sulla spesa federale

The spirit of the discussions has grown so foul that no formal talks have occurred in nearly a week and what once seemed like a possible path for compromise has been replaced with a growing fear that a government shutdown may, in fact, take place.

Lo spirito delle discussioni è tale che sembra che un compromesso venga sostituito da uno stop del governo