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So many separate duality dramas vying for attention as we approach this weekend.

The House Speaker will bring the Senate's Amended to add $150B in “sweetners” and passed, Bailout Bill, to a vote tomorrow. If they want to change anything in it the whole fictional farce could dissolve. On the other hand if they just vote it up or down that will also be it. Down means the Bill dies. Up means the Bill passes both houses and is ready to then be signed by the Acting President, Nancy Pelosi.
Both P/VP are under “Undeclared” House Arrest, and under the Rules of Succession, the Speaker of the House automaticly becomes the “Acting President”. Last Thursday afternoon, Bush attempted to declare Martial Law. The Flag Officers and the Provost Marshal General stopped that order and put him under House Arrest. To give some cover to what was occurring, Nancy Pelosi, the presumptive Acting President, then had House Resolution 958 reported to invoke a parlimentary “Martial Law” procedure which markedly reduces debate or ability to read or amend the subject bill. However, the next day as she stood on the podium next to a hologram of Paulson, she said a few unusual things: “The party is over!” That was code for: “The Cabal is kaput.” That means that the Corporate USA is ending and the Republic, which is all of us, is coming to life. NESARA funds the Republic, not the Corporation. So then she added, this is a buy-in to the Republic. That's the code for NESARA.
A strange dispatch to B of A branches by the Gov't which referred to a possible need to be unable to open next week, and even furnished the signs to be posted on the front doors.This was all over the internet and, GATA, meeting in LeMetropole Cafe, discussed this and 2 of them checked and reported that it had been verified as possible. Mother Sekhmet noted that B of A and Wells Fargo are two payment banks for NESARA. When pressed she said, “I can Confirm…and Deny” these reports. She added that there is NO need for any fear as all is in good hands and only Love will prevail.
Another comment came from KOS, who left the following message: “Pay no attention to the antics you are seeing. It's over!”
St Germain also talked to 62 Congressmen and told them that you “have a decision to make and I trust that you will do what you have to. May you do the right thing…or.. .I'll see you on the other side of the veil!” That was interpreted to mean: Vote inappropriately and your rental unit is toast! I'll then see you in your lightsuit, before you get your next assignment.We were told that there are only 50-62 viable congress-critters, remaining. The last test may come tomorrow when the House is asked to Vote: Up or Down on the Senate Bill.
Mother Sekhmet also said that Sibel Edmonds is cued up behind the curtain ready to complete the record of the pre-911 planning by Administration heads to destroy the TT, as a false flag terror attack on the US using Israeli Mosssad agents and CIA black ops teams. That will allow many arrests to take place and regime change and NESARA to be Announced. The clearing of the coverup of galactic presence is another pre-condition necessary to move into the next phase. Everyone on the planet must have direct proof of true presence. What will happen inside each individual is like a soul awakening as they directly experience the ships radiant patterns. This is the great joy which we have been waiting to experience since the time of Atlantis, 11,500 years ago.
As Mother was speaking, Rama went OOB to the bridge of the New Jerusalem and watched and listened as Capt Ashtar and Admiral Sananda were send out massive fleets of ships headed our way. To me it looked like there were vast spirls of pinwheel formations fanning out from across the solar system downwards towards the planet in synchronized movements. There was a sense of urgency and excitement on the bridge and throughout the Ashtar Command. The interpretation was clearly that we are about to see massive decloakings in our skies. When I asked Mother about timing, she said if you could see this from our level you would see that it's all happening NOW.
Allowing the House members to record their decisions is an important step in the ending of this old system of oppression and control. No one can prevent what has been divinely decreed. However, the record must be completed before the plug is pulled and St Germain can bring the new infrastructure into full operation. Basel II may have been signed but it is not yet fully operative… according to Mother. All of these 'hangtail' items can quickly be resolved when the two items noted: Sibel and House actions, are completed. All is in readiness NOW.