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The head of the Health Net of Alzey und Framersheimer, GP Dr Friedel Rohr, has accused the German Health Ministry of deceiving the general public about the risks associated with the swine flu jab.

In a report in the local newspaper, Allgemine Zeitung, Alzey, Rohr said that there had been “massive lies” on the part of the German government concerning the jab and the adjuvant squalene.

He said it was not true to say that the adjuvant was needed by the pharmaceutical industry because there was too little vaccine to go round.

“There is sufficient vaccine without adjuvants in the whole world,” he said.

Rohr also said that about 30 per cent of the people who took the swine flu jab developed problems.

He said he had been treating one woman for three weeks for serious side effects after taking the jab.

“I am not exposing my patients to this risk, especially as patients who become sick with the swine flu can be treated easily if they go directly to their doctor.”

He said only five or six of his fellow doctors had decided to give the swine flu jab.


The German Medicine Products Commission of German Pharmacists (AMK) has issued an urgent report warning that foreign particles have been observed on two occasions when the components of GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix swine flu vaccine — the antigen suspension and adjuvant emulsion — have been mixed.

The AMK has sent samples to the Central Laboratory of German Pharmacists to be investigated.


Stories of mutated killer virus in Norway: fact or fear mongering?
The Norwegian TV Channel TV2 has said two people have died from a mutated swine flu virus in Norway.

The two people who died from the mutated virus were also the first deaths in the country attributed to the swine flu.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health said today it had found a mutated version of the influenza A(H1N1) swine flu virus.

It is not clear what this mutation is or how lethal it is, sparking concerns that the media is fear mongering to drive Norwegians to take the untested swine flu jab.

http://www.tv2nyhetene.no/innenriks/helse/h1n1viruset-har-mutert-3019035.html Heres the online article.



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Il capo della Health Net di Azley Dr.Frieled Rohr ha accusato il Ministro della Salute della Germania di inganno verso il pubblico sui rischi associati allo squalene nei vaccini.

La Commissione dei Prodotti di Medicina della Germania AMK ha rilasciato un rapporto urgente per la presenza di particelle estranee osservate in due occasioni in cui i componenti del vaccino Pandemrix della GlaxoSmithKline, la sospensione antigene e l'emulsione adiuvante, sono stati mischiati.
L'AMK ha inviato i campioni al Laboratorio Centrale dei Farmacisti Tedeschi per investigare.

Le storie sulle mutazioni del virus sono vere o solo diffusione di paura?

Il canale TV Norvegese TV2 ha detto di persone morte per la mutazione del virus in Norvegia
Le due persone morte per il virus mutato erano state anche indicate come i primi morti per virus della suina
L'Istituto Norvegese della Salute Pubblica dice di aver trovato una versione mutata dell'influenza h1n1.
Non è chiaro di che mutazione si parli o di quanto sia letale