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Oral administration of Cydonia oblonga (500 mg/kg) and Allium porrum (500 mg/kg) extracts for 5 days in diabetic rats caused a decrease in blood glucose levels by 33.8% and 18.0%, respectively. Moreover, Allium porrum and Cydonia oblonga extracts induced significant alleviation on only heart tissue TBARS levels (44.6 and 45.7%), Helianthus tuberosus and Allium porrum extracts showed an inhibitory effect on kidney tissue TBARS levels (24.5 and 14.8%). None of the extracts restored GSH levels in kidney, liver, and heart tissues of diabetic rats.

We conclude that C. colocynthis oil supplementation may have a beneficial effect by partly preserving or restoring pancreatic beta-cell mass in the STZ-induced diabetes rat model.