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Without a new financial system, billions of people could die over the next couple of years. The current system is so corrupt that life is not considered to be a basic human right. The system allows poor people to starve to death in order that obese Americans can eat too much meat. That is what “market forces” can do in the absence of proper regulation.
If China and Japan and Russia etc. announced a new financial system to replace the dollar and Euro as global trading currencies the entire rotting edifice of Western finance would collapse. It would then become possible to end the financial crisis by announcing a Marshall plan for the planet earth.

There are still some discussions going on with the Western financiers but time is not on their side so maybe it is better to leave them hanging in the wind for now. However, countries with current account surpluses need to immediately use that money to help farmers in developing countries so that famine can be averted.
We also need to keep a very careful eye on their renewed spreading of plagues. Panasonic has just announced they will be bringing home many of their overseas employees due to fears of a bird influenza pandemic. A US government lab has also announced that “pathogens have gone missing.”

It is clear the Satan worshippers are still desperately trying to carry out their evil plans despite the grave danger they are in.


The cost of Britain's military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq this financial year has soared to more than £4.5bn, an annual increase of more than 50%, figures released yesterday reveal.

Operations in southern Afghanistan accounted for a little over half, nearly £2.6bn, compared with £1.5bn last year. Most of the money was spent on providing tougher armoured vehicles for soldiers who face a growing threat of roadside bombs.

Surprisingly, as the government prepares to withdraw from Basra, the cost of Britain's military presence in southern Iraq this year increased to nearly £2bn, compared with less than £1.5bn last year, according to the figures released by the Ministry of Defence. ..