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Obama’s rule will end in January or February as part of desperate Fed gambit

The Nazi’s and Zionazis who have taken over the US government are planning to take down President Obama in either January or February according to both CIA and MI6 sources. The take-down will either be through a trial about his citizenship due on January 26th (MI6) or else through “acute terminal cancer(CIA).” Vice President Biden may also suffer from a heart attack at around the same time, opening the way for Mossad agent Nancy Pelosi to be President and Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel to be vice President, the two sources concur. ..

Meanwhile, the Pentagon rank and file is close to open rebellion, according to the CIA source. “It will be up to the Colonels and the majors because all the decent people are usually purged from the ranks at the level of generals,” the source says. We are also now hearing that many of the US underground bases are no longer under Nazi control.

As things come to a head, the desperate, satanic Nazis will no doubt try to pull off some murderous stunt to prevent their inevitable collapse. We must remain extremely alert and ready for any crazy surprise they try to pull off.