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Dalla newslettere dell'associazione A.R.E. che conserva i libri con le trascrizioni delle letture dell'Akasha di Cayce e ne diffonde gli insegnamenti, ha ricevuto il permesso di scavare sotto la sfinge per trovare la Sala dei Registri in base alle parole di Cayce!

From the February 2009 ARE Newsletter


NEWS from the FIELD
Feb./Mar. 2009 . Ancient Mysteries . p. 4
Zahi Hawass to Drill Under the Sphinx!

I met with Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, after he spoke for an hour to our A.R.E. group. He shared that Joe Jahoda, a longtime A.R.E. member, had convinced him to drill under the Sphinx for a chamber.
Back in 1997, Jahoda and his partner, Joe Schor, in cooperation with Florida State University, conducted ground-penetrating radar around the Sphinx and found an open area in the bedrock beneath the Sphinx. This opening, possibly a chamber, is 30 feet down and is estimated to be 26 feet wide and 40 feet in length. The Cayce readings identify this chamber as an ante-chamber to the Hall of Records that is off the right front paw of the Sphinx.

Jahoda asked if A.R.E. would purchase the special drill necessary to drill at an angle into the limestone bedrock. Kevin Todeschi, CEO of A.R.E., approved the purchase, and our donation “angel,” Don Dickinson, agreed to help A.R.E. with this purchase. Thus, the drill was purchased, crated, and shipped to Egypt. Zahi said that soon after the drill arrives, he’ll get his team together and begin the drilling.

It’s exciting news! We are taking a major step toward finding one of Cayce’s three [color=#990000]Atlantean[/color] record caches. Stay tuned for updates.

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