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The torsion field theory takes a modified form of the original electron-positron model of the Dirac sea: the vacuum's energy field is viewed as a system of rotating wave packets of electrons and positrons (rather than a sea of electron-positron pairs)…

The dynamic interaction of positive and negative particles, with their resident charge, mass and spin characteristics, defines matter as we see it as well as the underlying forces. Intentional distortion of the zero-point field (ZPF), or Vacuum, subsequently modifies these parameters. If the substance is unbalanced and in a state of disequilibrium, then the bioenergy of the healer's interaction with the ZPF will serve to balance the energy scales and return the substance to equilibrium

imilar biopositive effects have been noted following bioenergy healing therapies including reduced anxiety in hospitalized cardiovascular patients,15 chemotherapy oncology patients,16 and premature neonates.17 Other research has shown bioenergy therapies reduce tension headache pain17 and dramatically increase the rate of healing of dermal punch wounds.18 One pilot study demonstrated a decrease in the concentration of suppressor T-cells implying an increased immune response.19 A separate study showed significant changes in hemoglobin and hematocrit values after treatment.

Thus, it stands to reason, that healers who can consciously increase the electromagnetic field surrounding their hands and, likewise, cause significant fluctuations in external gamma radiation around a subject’s body, are also creating permutations in the torsion field and, subsequently, the Vacuum itself…

conscious intention

(causing heightened electromagnetic \|/ fields in the surrounding the hands)

alteration of the torsion field
distortion of Vacuum/ZPF
(radiation hormesis) \|/
restoration of substance equilibrium