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    Fulford 07/27/2009

    The story behind the $500 billion on the Fed’s books

    Many heads were wagging as Federal Reserve Gang Boss Ben (helicopter) Bernanke was grilled about why the Federal Reserve Board sent $500 billion overseas in late 2007.

    Bernanke says the money went to 14 other central banks but he is lying. What really happened is that the Federal Reserve Board, facing bankruptcy at the end of the secret fiscal year of 2007 went begging to all the other European central banks for money to postpone its bankruptcy for another year. In other words, that $500 billion that appeared on its books in late 2007 are IOUs sent to 14 countries. At the time this maneuver was reported as an infusion of $500 billion into the markets by the European Central Bank.

    Well, like a junkie going around mooching off old friends, there comes a time when nobody is willing to pay for a self-destructive habit anymore. That is what happened in September 2008. The US criminal government has been looting everything it can from its own American slave peoples since then in a desperate effort to postpone the inevitable. September 2009 will have Obama going around asking for $2 trillion or more and he ain’t going to get it.


    SURPLUS pt.1 di 6 sott. italiano

    Gli aspetti negativi della globalizzazione e del G8, il surplus e il fallimento del sistema economico attuale.

    Buona visione

    [link=hyperlink url][youtube=425,344]L4J_IZkOlY4[/link]

    [link=hyperlink url][youtube=425,344]i9FCRjN5m94[/link]

    [link=hyperlink url][youtube=425,344]2vRV2IEe5po[/link]

    [link=hyperlink url][youtube=425,344]Z-S4LaG9EYY[/link]

    [link=hyperlink url][youtube=425,344]cs1VRmJ0fkM[/link]

    [link=hyperlink url][youtube=425,344]ssOhcRDfL1Y[/link]

    Have a nice day!

    Erre Esse

    in questi ultimi 30 anni i POTERI FORTI hanno fatto diventare il mondo una merda….

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    Rothschild’s are desperately seeking gold now that they know the Fed is being unwound

    We are hearing reports that many members of the Rothschild family, including Tokyo-based Stephan de Rothschild, are desperately seeking to trade toxic financial waste for gold. It is clear they know the US Federal Reserve Board’s days are numbered.

    They probably have so much real estate and art treasures to their name that they really do not need that gold. The smarter members of the clan must already have all the gold they will ever need and more stashed away in Swiss banks. Those who could not see the writing on the wall may have to try to do something the rest of us already have to: work for a living.

    I Rothschild cercano disperatamente oro conoscendo la situazione della Fed

    Sentiamo rapporti per cui molti membri della famiglia Rotschld, incluso Stephan con base a Tokyo, stanno cercando disperatamente di trattare spazzatura finanziaria tossica per oro. Chiaramente ora sanno che i giorni della FED sono contati. Probabilmente hanno tanta reale ricchezza in tesori d'arte e altro per cui non hanno bisogno di oro. I membri piu intelligenti devono gia avere piu oro di quanto gli serva e molto nascosto in banche Svizzere. Quelli che non possono vedere le scritte sul muro devono cercare di fare quello che gia noi facciamo : lavorare per vivere.


    Russia, il governo promuoverà corsi d'onestà per funzionari pubblici

    A Mosca la bustarella media è di 7.600 euro

    Il governo russo promuove un corso d'onestà per dirigenti, funzionari pubblici e impiegati.

    Secondo quanto ha detto la direttrice del Centro di ricerche contro la corruzione, Elena Panfilova, il corso serve anche perché “negli ultimi tempi vi sono state tante modifiche nella legislazione e sono state emanate nuove norme e sanzioni, delle quali molti burocrati non sanno nulla”. I programmi dei corsi, organizzati dall'Accademia della sicurezza, prevedono per tutti i provvedimenti annunciati di recente in tale settore dal presidente Dmitri Medvedev: informazione sui principi e il regolamento delle Nazioni Unite, esame dei risultati di sondaggi e indagini sociologiche e il computo delle perdite economiche provocate dalla corruzione.
    Il presidente Medvedev ha fatto della lotta alla corruzione uno dei punti cardine del suo programma di governo. Secondo la procura di Mosca, l'ammontare medio di una bustarella nella capitale è risultato quest'anno superiore a 330 mila rubli, oltre 7.600 euro.

    … che sguardo malizioso ha il presidente :hehe:

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    Benjamin Fulford:

    A message to the Jews and the Israelis: wake up and smell the coffee!

    This opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post shows just how thoroughly brainwashed many Israelis and Jews really are:

    The first thing the brainwashed Jews need to understand is that Zionism is nothing to do with Judaism. The real meaning of the word Zionism is “king worship.” The other meaning is a fortress mentality (Zion also means fort as does Al Qaeda). The same people who inflicted the holocaust on you in order to chase you into Israel are still ruling you in secret. They do not think of you as a chosen people but rather as a slave people who can be sacrificed to Lucifer when necessary.

    Because your secret rulers have been dealing in drugs, weapons and slaves and because they have started wars and genocide around the world they are widely despised. They try to deflect this hatred away from themselves and onto the Jews. They are your worst enemy.

    A global coalition is in the process of taking them down. That is why the US is no longer doing their bidding. It is naïve to think countries like Japan will remain as their vassals for much longer.

    The CIA is expecting 2 million Jewish refugees following the collapse of the Zionist monarchic rule of Israel. The Japanese government is secretly preparing to accept as many as 1 million Jewish refugees.

    Nobody is going to attack or harm the Jews anywhere in the world. The refugees will simply be people who, once they learn about the monstrosities of their satan worshipping ruling class, will decide they would rather live elsewhere.


    Mi paiono giochetti.

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    però devi riconoscere che ti affoghi nelle notizie pessimistiche, riconoscilo! :sagg: 😀
    vediamo …da settembre dice Fulford, ci dovrebbero essere grosse sorprese, vediamo..



    IL PARADOSSO DELLA NOSTRA ERA: "Abbiamo case più grandi e famiglie più piccole; Piu comodità, ma meno tempo; Piu esperti, ma piu problemi; Piu medicine, ma meno salute;
    E’ un tempo in cui ci sono tante cose in vetrina e niente in magazzino.
    Parliamo troppo, amiamo troppo poco e odiamo troppo spesso.

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    (Note to English readers: the interview scheduled with Jeff Rense for August 27th will take place on September 1st)

    Will the new Democratic Party of Japan government collapse within a year?

    The Democratic Party of Japan government that is expected to take power after the August 30th elections is likely to implode within a year if it does not announce a new financial system for Japan. The Japanese public is placing excess hope on the DPJ government and this hope could quickly turn to bitterness unless truly drastic reforms are carried out. The Japanese government has been de facto bankrupt for several years so unless the DPJ announces a new financial system and a restructuring of the debt, they will not have the money to carry out their plans. Any half measures and timid reforms are likely to just make matters worse.

    So, the only way for Japan to return to fast economic growth and prosperity is to carry out reforms at least on the scale of the Meiji reforms that led to the modernization of Japan. The first step would be to close most financial institutions temporarily in order to reboot the nation’s finances. Anybody with more than the 10 million yen covered by deposit insurance in the bank will find they have less money in their accounts when the banks re-open.

    If the DPJ government fails to carry out the needed reforms, a right-wing nationalist government will replace it.
    TOKYO – “Il risultato è molto severo e credo che dobbiamo riflettere su questo per avere una nuova partenza. Per parte mia, mi prendo la responsabilità della sconfitta”. Lo ha detto il primo ministro Taro Aso, in una conferenza stampa, annunciando l'intenzione di dimettersi dalla guida dei Liberaldemocratici.

    Il partito Democratico del Giappone (DpJ) ha raggiunto la maggioranza assoluta dei seggi alla Camera Bassa: 257 su 480. Sulla base dei dati ufficiali, quando mancano ancora da assegnare circa 150 seggi, i Liberaldemocratici del premier Taro Aso si fermano a quota 67, mentre i partner di governo del New Komeito, ne hanno 11.

    Il voto generale politico del 30 agosto in Giappone ha il carattere di un vero tsunami, tanto forte da spazzare via in un colpo i Liberaldemocratici del premier Taro Aso, il partito-padre che ha governato il Paese quasi ininterrottamente per 54 anni.

Stai vedendo 10 articoli - dal 531 a 540 (di 3,276 totali)
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